Western Cape Umpire’s Courses

The Western Cape has a big group of very active umpires and Course Presenters.

Anso Kemp (International Umpire) is the Provincial Convener for the Western Cape.  Working hard to assit all umpire’s with the relevant information to do gradings and to conduct courses in their different districts.


A big thanks to all the Course Presenters for your passion for netball and also the District Conveners of NSA and SASN working together to make this a great game!


8 thoughts on “Western Cape Umpire’s Courses”

  1. I did my umpires course (theory) which I passed but was not told about being evaluated while umpiring a match.

    I understand with no sport being played that this is not possible but would like to have it sorted as soon as it can be.


    1. Good day Tracey
      With whom did you do your theory?
      Most of the courses are just theory/bit of practical on court and then the exams.
      Then you go to wherever you are at a school or club and look for an opportunity where matches are where graders will be involved to grade you.

  2. Good day

    I am interested in doing an umpire course.

    Please contact me should this be a service you offer.

  3. Good day.
    I am a teacher who only graduated in 2020. I always played netball at scholl but no other sports so I want to make sure that coaching and umpiring netball gets added to my skills. I live in Strand, Western Cape.
    I am not sure where to even look for courses in this regard so any assistance would help.
    Are there any beginner umpiring and coaching courses before september or throughout the rest of this year?
    Also some assistance on what to expect and how it all works would be appreciated.

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