Collecting the ball in an offside area.

Rule:  9.7 OFFSIDE

(i) A player is offside when the player enters a court area not designated for that player’s position. This applies whether the player has contact with the ball or not.

Sanction: Free pass.

This player – can’t collect the ball from an offside area.

Sanction must be a Free Pass in the Centre Third.  Your teammates need to collect the ball and throw it to you so you can take the Free Pass in the Goal Third where you as GK are allowed to play.

The WA is not allowed according to rule 9.7 to collect the ball from inside the goal circle to take the sanction outside the goal circle.  The shooters need to give the ball to her in order to set the sanction outside the goal circle.

Sanction: Free pass (inside the Goal Circle – WA offside)

(ii) A player may reach across and pick up a ball from an offside area or lean on the ball in an offside area, provided the player makes no physical contact with the ground in that area.

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