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Collecting the ball in an offside area.

Rule:  9.7 OFFSIDE

(i) A player is offside when the player enters a court area not designated for that player’s position. This applies whether the player has contact with the ball or not.

Sanction: Free pass.

This player – can’t collect the ball from an offside area.

Sanction must be a Free Pass in the Centre Third.  Your teammates need to collect the ball and throw it to you so you can take the Free Pass in the Goal Third where you as GK are allowed to play.

The WA is not allowed according to rule 9.7 to collect the ball from inside the goal circle to take the sanction outside the goal circle.  The shooters need to give the ball to her in order to set the sanction outside the goal circle.

Sanction: Free pass (inside the Goal Circle – WA offside)

(ii) A player may reach across and pick up a ball from an offside area or lean on the ball in an offside area, provided the player makes no physical contact with the ground in that area.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself!


Congratulations to all the new SA grading’s during the All Ages and the Telkom Junior Champs.  Biggest challenge is now to uphold that standard of umpiring and fitness every time you start a match.

I hope all of you have the following:


and that you always give credit to those helping you to achieve your dream to become the BEST UMPIRE YOU CAN BE!!

If a new grading did not come your way:

Remember UMPIRING is a journey.  Never think you are only successful if you get a higher grading.

Enjoy every aspect of fitness/studying the rules/attending as many courses as you can/watch video’s/umpiring all levels of games.  Meet co-umpire’s at tournaments.  Make friends.



Africa Regional NWC Qualifiers

The following umpires and UAP will officiate at the Africa Regional Netball World Cup Qualifiers (Aug 2022). The matches take place at Rembrandt Hall (University Of Pretoria) from 20/08/2022 to 27/08/2022.

Marielouw Van der Merwe – South Africa
Anne Abraitis – Scotland

Margaret Deighan – England

Chakatsa Lephole – Lesotho (S)
Anso Kemp – South Africa
Elizna Van den Berg – South Africa
Theresa Prince – South Africa
Kate Mann – England
Leonard Masao – South Africa
Theophilus Moletsane – South Africa
Salomé Britz – South Africa
Boikhutso Tuelo – Botswana
Rachael Radford – England

Tharina Opperman – South Africa

Best wishes to all the umpire’s and UAP.  I would have loved to be at the event, but unfortunately I had to decline the invitation as UAP from World Netball because I had prior commitments.


In Netball the ball has to be passed at least every three seconds. This results in the ball being passed (at an absolute minimum) 1,200 times a match.

Every time a player catches the ball, an umpire has to check seven things involving the player with the ball and their opponent (footwork, contact, how they got the ball, obstruction, offside etc.).

Almost simultaneously, the umpire has to look down the court and check other players are in their correct areas and are not blocking each other in their attempts to move. This could involve scanning 10 different players, while keeping one eye on the player with the ball and their opponent.

So that’s seven things, involving the player with the ball, plus potentially another 10 players to watch, each with three actions involved (contact, obstruction and offside).

That’s 38 different actions to watch for per pass, including the held ball rule. 38 times 1,200 passes equals 45,600 decisions umpires make per match. Even if that figure is split between the two umpires, that’s still 22,800 decisions each.

22,800 decisions a match! And that’s assuming players take the maximum three seconds to pass the ball. The real figure is probably much higher.

We need to respect our umpires! They are the ones out there giving it a go. And as the saying goes no umpire, no game. So next time you go to yell at an umpire or say something bad about them have a think of this and just think about it you were in their shoes.


Netball Umpire’s Intermediate Course

Place:  Stellenbosch High School

Date:  25+28 July 2022

(25 July – Theory / 28 July Practical and Exams)

Starting time:  17:30

Closing date:  13 July