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“The Expert of anything was once a beginner”…

Annie Kloppers & Anso Kemp Umpires Course 20th May 2017

I can’t emphasise enough…….. How fortunate we are to have such GREAT Mentors in the Western Cape.

So as soon as you read “ANNIE KLOPPERS “and “ANSO KEMP”….

”UMPIRES NETBALL COURSE “…. All you want to know is when…?????

A “Practical” Umpires Course was hosted by

Annie Kloppers and Anso Kemp on 20th May 2017 in Stellenbosch.

PRACTICAL????? You may ask??? What can I learn from that???

My answer is …. EVERYTHING!!!!

“Hands On” is always the best method of learning… working out different scenarios, being able to ask any type of question (and not feeling stupid), getting to understand and interpret the rules and the importance of  consistency and… and ….and… !!

That feeling of confidence and believing in yourself… and learning how to implement the rules in a game.

You may say but I am only a WK B Umpire..

We all started at the beginning. “The Expert of anything was once a beginner”… and we were a “Mixed Bag” of Umpires, from WK B / SA Schools right up to SA A Umpires, hungry to learn and improve our skills!!

THANK YOU Annie and Anso, for ALWAYS   ”paying it forward” and “giving back”, sharing your valuable knowledge , and always with your friendly and enthusiastic demeanors.

You always instill in us a feeling … to WANT to be BETER Umpires!!

Sarah Fabri – Westcoast SA B+ Umpire.