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Elizna van den Berg – Representing South Africa at the Fast 5 Series in Melbourne!

Congratulations to Elizna van den Berg from South Africa (Western Cape) who will be officiating in the very vibrant Fast 5 Series in Melbourne.

A Fast 5 match consists of four quarters each of 6 minutes playing duration,with an interval of 1 minute between the first-second and third-fourth quarters. The half-time interval is 3 minutes. Teams change ends each quarter.

Each team has one quarter designated as a ‘power play quarter’. In a power play quarter, all goals scored by that team receive double goal

The number of points is determined by the place from which the shot is made and includes contact with the ground by the player during the catching and holding of the ball prior to the shot.

3 goal points
(super shot)
2 goal points
the player had no contact with the ground in the goal circle
the player had contact with the ground in the outer circle but no contact with the ground in the inner circle
1 goal point
the player had contact with the ground in the inner circle

(iii) If a player lands simultaneously across a circle boundary the shot
is deemed to have been made from the circle area that scores the
fewer number of goal points.
(iv) During a team’s power play quarter all goals score double goal

Watch on Supersport – LIVE!!

Saturday 8 November (Central African Time)
(LIVE on SS7, Channel 207)
01:50 Game 1: Australia vs. Jamaica
02:40 Game 2: England vs. South Africa
03:25 Game 3: New Zealand vs. Malawi
04:10 Game 4: South Africa vs. Australia
04:55 Game 5: Jamaica vs. Malawi
05:40 Game 6: New Zealand vs. England
06:55 Game 7: South Africa vs. Jamaica
07:40 Game 8: England vs. Malawi
08:25 Game 9: New Zealand vs. Australia

(REPEATS on SS Select SA, Channel 210)
16:00: England vs. South Africa
16:40: South Africa vs. Australia
17:20: South Africa vs. Jamaica

Sunday 9 November (Central African Time)
(LIVE on SS5, Channel 205)
01:20 Game 10: Jamaica vs. England
02:10 Game 11: Malawi vs. Australia
02:55 Game 12: New Zealand vs. South Africa
03:40 Game 13: Australia vs. England
04:25 Game 14: Malawi vs. South Africa
05:10 Game 15: New Zealand vs. Jamaica
07:00 Game 16: Play-off for 5/6
07:55 Game 17: Play-off for 3/4
08:50 Game 18: FINAL – Play-off for 1/2

(REPEATS on SS Select SA, Channel 210)
18:00: New Zealand vs. South Africa
18:40: Malawi vs. South Africa
19:20: Play-off for 5/6
20:00: Play-off for 3/4
20:40: FINAL – Play-off for 1/2