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Deflecting a shot at goal

Innovative ways of defending a shot (such as lifting a defensive player) have required this rule to be addressed.  Some of the very tall players have just stood next to the post to deflect the shot at goal – making no other effort.

Deflection of a shot can now be made during only the upward path of a shot towards the ring. Once the ball starts to descend, no deflection is permitted.  The lifted player (from take-off) must be 3ft from the shooter.


It’s technically very difficult to do it as you can see from the image.


The clip youtu.be/-WDkcmiWWmA is from 2012 when the first player was lifted to deflect the shot at goal……….quite a shock for an umpire to see it the first time.  Now it’s illegal because some of this deflections was made on the downward pass – PENALTY PASS (and the lifted player is out of play).


Please try this and send me a mail if you succeed – better still; send a clip!