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Practical Courses – the way to go!!

Taking the next step to get a higher grading:

  • If you go on doing what you are doing, you will go on getting what you are getting.
  • Let a new skill become a habit.

There are no skills in umpiring which are more important than any of the other skills.  The secret to very good umpiring is to have all the skills working equally well and together.


  1. All umpiring techniques are interdependent and inter-related
  2. No skill works in isolation from any other skill.  If one is weak, then they all are weak.
  3. Positioning – relative to the “traffic” on court
  4. Vision – look wide, look often, and look early.  The accuracy or inaccuracy of decisions depends not only the knowledge of the rules


on what is seen; from where it is seen; and at what point in the move it was seen.

  1. There is a combination of mental and visual assessment when deciding where and when to look.
  2. The change in focus from central vision to peripheral vision
  3. What is advantage??


  1. Umpires should have a sound knowledge of the skills of the game and an understanding of spatial awareness.

This is some of the aspects that will improve your umpiring.

Go to the court – practise all the theory by doing scenarios on court – so that when it actually happens you are comfortable to act.


Position yourself between the centre circle and the transverse line

Centre pass to the right

WD catches the ball in the goal third (move into the goal third) – What is your reaction on this?  Advantage untouched centre pass!! – Signal….

Interception in line with the center circle

(On your transverse line) – GD foul play after a previous warning – what must you do?…………..

Goal circle edge – Adv Contact WD (where will you position yourself on the goal line)

GK – while defending the GS she moves out of court

Successful shot at goal

Centre pass to the left

What signals do you have to use – what calls do you make – where do you position??

I am available to conduct/organize practical courses……putting theory into Action!!