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Netball Umpire’s Course – Stellenbosch

For all Beginner Umpire’s who wants to write Level 1+2

Also a great touch up opportunity for rusty Umpires and Graders.

Send your coaches and players. (Those who need to write Level 3 and has a Provincial C or C+ grading are welcome to attend.)

Date:  5 April (Theory from 16:30) + 12 April (Practical and Exams from 16:30)

Place:  Stellenbosch High School

Grading opportunity in April/May

Please complete the google document.



Netball Play with Rules – New updated version 2017

Extracts from the book – Netball Play with Rules

The discipline of playing and umpiring often do not last forever.  However some umpires also make the next step of mentoring umpires.Coaching and mentoring umpires are the efforts that ensure quality umpiring.  Quality umpiring ensures the progress of netball.  As it is my passion, it is the passion of mentors to help umpires to be the best they can be and to aspire to become mentors too.

This book is a stepping stone to understand the Rules of Netball, especially the scenarios on court.

It is valuable to all umpires/coaches/players/spectators and especially to those umpires who don’t have umpire’s coaches in their regions.

May this enhance the wonderful game of netball!!

Email annie@netballrules.co.za to make an order.

Advanced + Intermediate Umpires Course

2016 was a year of many changes and uncertainties.

This Exciting 2017 Course is going to be mainly practical, where we will, by using scenarios and positioning, teach you how to implement the most important new rules and help erase the “grey areas” of confusion.

Date:     20 January 2017 (17:00-20:30)

21 January 2017 (09:00-16:00)

Place:    Stellenbosch High School, Western Cape

Course Presenters:         Annie Kloppers and

Anso Kemp (International Umpire – based in Somerset West, Western Cape)

Closing date 7 December (to be in time to order a sevens long sleeve top as part of the course fee)


Deflecting a shot at goal

Innovative ways of defending a shot (such as lifting a defensive player) have required this rule to be addressed.  Some of the very tall players have just stood next to the post to deflect the shot at goal – making no other effort.

Deflection of a shot can now be made during only the upward path of a shot towards the ring. Once the ball starts to descend, no deflection is permitted.  The lifted player (from take-off) must be 3ft from the shooter.


It’s technically very difficult to do it as you can see from the image.


The clip youtu.be/-WDkcmiWWmA is from 2012 when the first player was lifted to deflect the shot at goal……….quite a shock for an umpire to see it the first time.  Now it’s illegal because some of this deflections was made on the downward pass – PENALTY PASS (and the lifted player is out of play).


Please try this and send me a mail if you succeed – better still; send a clip!