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#1 – Practice on Court

Court – Practical

For the following few weeks I want you to do the following with each scenario posted:

  • Visualize where you will be positioned next to the court when the ball is caught at B, etc…..
  • Practice your terminology with each infringement.
  • Practice your hand signals.
  • Practice setting of your penalties.
  • Visualize your timing to the goal line.
  • Vision and positioning behind the goal line.

**You can even practise this without players ON COURT – taking your time!


Centre pass to the right

B – GD not yet behind the line for the centre pass

E – Adv Off sides

F – Contact GD

       Shooter takes the shot at goal without waiting for the GD to be out of play… 

       Unsuccessful shot at goal – ball out of court at Purple.

Netball Play with Rules – New updated version 2017

Extracts from the book – Netball Play with Rules

The discipline of playing and umpiring often do not last forever.  However some umpires also make the next step of mentoring umpires.Coaching and mentoring umpires are the efforts that ensure quality umpiring.  Quality umpiring ensures the progress of netball.  As it is my passion, it is the passion of mentors to help umpires to be the best they can be and to aspire to become mentors too.

This book is a stepping stone to understand the Rules of Netball, especially the scenarios on court.

It is valuable to all umpires/coaches/players/spectators and especially to those umpires who don’t have umpire’s coaches in their regions.

May this enhance the wonderful game of netball!!

Email annie@netballrules.co.za to make an order.