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End of play or quarter

*Umpires should indicate the end of a period of play with a long whistle roll and there is no hand signal!

INF Match protocols,  Page 2 Rule 6 (i) (d))

*The timekeeper advises both umpires simultaneously when the specified time is reached. The controlling umpire immediately ends play unless it is to be extended for a penalty pass to be taken [Rules 4.1 (iii) & 7.1.3 (iii)]. In this case the umpire will advise the players that play is being extended for the sanction to be taken. In the event the controlling umpire is unaware play should end, the co-umpire will signal the end of play [Rule 5.2.1 (ii) (a)].

  • After the penalty pass is taken and the shot is unsuccessful there is no whistle… the umpire walks off court with her co-umpire.
  • If there is any obstruction or contact, etc. on the shooter taking the shot – the infringement will be penalized or advantage played if successful.
  • If the shot is successful the umpire only shows the appropriate signal for a goal that’s been scored.